Self Assessment Quiz

1. What is the difference between usual tunneling and Josephson tunneling ?

2. What is the difference between the critical current density of a superconducting wire and that for a Josephson junction ?

3. If a 1 microvolt dc voltage is applied across a Josephson junction, find the frequency of the ac current that is developed.

4. Work out the algebra starting from Equation 21 to obtain Equation 22.

5. What is the effect of a large $\beta_{c}$ on the $IV$ characteristics of a Josephson junction?

6. Calculate the value of the flux quantum.

7. Starting from equation 28, work out the details to obtain equation 32, i.e.,

8. What is the origin of the word ``interference'' used in the SQUID?

9. Look up on the internet and in other literature various applications of superconductors.