Self Assessment Quiz

1. Obtain the expression for the magnetic field on the axis of a finite solenoid carrying n turns per unit length.

2. A rectangular loop  of dimension  carries a current . A  long wire carrying a current  is at a distance  from one of the sides of length  it, the rectangle and the wire are in the same plane.  The direction of current in the wire and that flowing in the nearer side of the rectangle are parallel. Calculate the force on the loop.

3. A single current loop is in the shape of a right triangle of sides a, b, c.  A uniform magnetic field of strength  is directed  parallel to the hypotenuse. Calculate the total force on the loop as well as the torque acting on the loop.

4. A semicircular loop of radius R lies in the xy plane carrying a current I in the counterclockwise direction. Magnetic field B points perpendicular to the diameter (along the y direction). Calculate the force on the straight-line segment as well as on the semi circular arc.