Self Assessment Quiz

1.Consider a point charge in front of an insulated, charged conducting sphere of radius R. If the sphere is to contain a charge Q, what is the potential outside the sphere?

2. A conducting sphere of radius R has a charge Q.  A charge q is located at a distance 3R from the centre of the sphere. Calculate the potential at a distance R/2 from the centre of the sphere along the line joining the centre with the charge q.

3. Two point charges q each are at a distance  d from each other. What should be the minimum radius R of a grounded sphere that can be put with its centre at the mid point of the line joining the two charges so that the mutual repulsion between the point charges is  compensated? Assume d >> R.

4. Two spheres, each of radius R contain identical charge Q. The spheres are separated by a negligible distance. Locate all image charges.