Module 1 :
Lecture 1 : Materials & Design

Topics to cover in this lecture:

  • What is Design?
  • What involves in the Design of Mechanical Systems?
  • What is the significance of Materials in Design?





The following books are used as references while in the developing the course:

(i) M. F. Ashby, Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, Elsevier Publication, 2005

(ii) J. G. Gerdeen, H. W. Lord and R. A. L. Rorrer, Engineering Design with Polymers and Composites, Taylor & Francis, 2005

(iii) M. F. Ashby and K. Johnson, Materials and Design, Butterworth Publication, 2002

(iv) D.R. Askeland and P.P. Phule, The Science and Engineering of Materials, Thomson Brooks/Cole Publication, 4th edition, 2006