mantle[81]:>check route drc $m
MSG-10 While running 'check route drc /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top':
POST-166 Detected a total of 7 duplicate geometries
POST-747 There are some duplicated wires/vias/segments
POST-217 Detected 0 maximum-width violations (polygon-based analysis)
POST-219 Detected 0 wires (0 regular, 0 preroute) with min-width violation
POST-119 Detected 0 wires (0 regular, 0 preroute) with off-grid violation
POST-986 detected a total of 159 non-trivial fat geometries
POST-74 Detected 0 regular and 0 diagonal notches
POST-359 Skipping via overhang checks because there are no non-trivial via overhang rules.
POST-342 Detected 0 via-to-via violations (out of 0 vias total)
POST-343 there are 0 non-linear violations.
POST-344 there are 0 non-touching violations
POST-225 Detected 0 via-reliability violation(s)
POST-921 detected 0 short-edge sequences (0 notches)
POST-25 Detected 0 diagonal width violations
POST-62 detected 0 island-rule violations (0 at model pins)
POST-221 Detected 0 holes violations
POST-9 Detected 0 power/ground nets with opens (out of 26 nets)
POST-1 Detected 0 regular nets with opens (out of 12276 nets)
POST-253 Detected a total of 0 multiport violations
POST-575 Incremental mode: skipping nontrivial fatwires detection on 12252 nets.
POST-576 Incremental mode: skipping nontrivial fatwires detection on model.
POST-986 detected a total of 0 non-trivial fat geometries
POST-803 Detected 0 different-net preroute violations:
POST-805 #short = 0, #spacing = 0
POST-804 Detected 0 different-net non-preroute violations:
POST-805 #short = 0, #spacing = 0
POST-364 VIA layers : Number of Violations
POST-366 Total violation of VIA to VIA interlayer spacing: 0
POST-369 Total violation of Contact/VIA to Metal interlayer spacing: 0

POST-121 -------------------------------------------------------------------
POST-121 Summary of short and spacing violations:
POST-121 statistics on shorts and spacing violations:
POST-121 * different-net
POST-121 * short and spacing violation