mantle[62]:>run place detail $m
MSG-10   While running 'run place detail /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top':
APL-400  Magma Detailed Area Placement
CK-7 Report for model /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top
CK-5 Collecting data on model aes_cipher_top .....
CK-7 Report for model /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top
CK-6 Model /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top passed detailed placer-level sanity check
CK-15    Use 'report model /work/aes_cipher_top/aes_cipher_top' to view model statistics.
APL-153  Anchoring 1, timer is on.
HDPL-49  Effective utilization=72.99% within {0.00u 0.00u 400.00u 400.00u}.
ORCL-3   0 #cells legalized within distance of {40u 40u}, movement(avg/max)=(0u/0u), 0
         failed; placement oracle activated.
APL-406     Detailed placement in incremental mode ...done.
APL-102  Average cell moving distance: 0.0000u
APL-103  Largest cell moving distance: 0.0000u