SPoCathon -An online event organized by NPTEL , and an opportunity for Local Chapter Members to build on existing content of selected NPTEL courses in Engineering subjects.

As part of this effort, we are looking at ways in which faculty from Local Chapters can contribute to the NPTEL content repository. As a pilot we are running a small competition for faculty to augment the existing NPTEL video content with relevant In-Video and Practice Questions. The idea is that an existing video content can be made more learner-centric by providing content that allows learners to reflect/opine/do micro-practice.

The activity is based on the Learner-centric MOOC model that recommends content creation through four different elements by following the ten different design principles.

Upcoming SPoCathon

Link to Register: bit.ly/register_spocathon2
Last date to apply: June 8th, 2020 6.00 PM
Event Date : June 13th,2020
1st Event May 17th, 2020
Link to the event : https://spocathon.page/
2nd Event June 13th, 2020

Mega Translation

An initiative to translate NPTEL content into local languages , an exciting opportunity for Local Chapter members to contribute to NPTEL

Teach with us

The "Teach with Us" initiative is targeted to provide this exact opportunity for teachers who want to build the content based on NPTEL material for their learners.The teachers can choose to create supplementary content for an NPTEL course for which they have mastery and teaching experience.