Aeronautical Society of India-AmAeSI Examination

The important mission of the Aeronautical Society of India is to strive for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of Aeronautical and Aerospace Sciences and Technologies. The Society conducts Associate Membership (AmAeSI) Examination twice a year. The examination consists of two sections 'A' and 'B'. A pass in Section 'A' and Section 'B' of this examination is considered equivalent to a degree at par with a Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from an Indian University.

This link leads to the collection of courseware available from the NPTEL platform for the use of registered students of the Associate membership examination of the Aeronautical Society of India. The first tranche of courseware now made available is for the seven subjects of the Section A examination. An attempt is made here to match, to the extent feasible, the syllabus and the course material available from NPTEL.It is hoped that this collection will be useful to the prospective students taking the AmAeSI examination.

List Of Courses

Basic Electronics

Electrical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Microprocessors and Software Engineering

Strength of Materials

Applied Mathematics-I

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