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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Dr. Satish C Sharma
IIT Roorkee


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Introduction and Review
Analysis of Stresses
Material subjected to combined direct and shear stresses
Graphical Solution - MOHR's Stress Circle
Analysis of Strains
Principal Strain
Stress - Strain Relations
Relation Among Elastic Constants
Mechanical Properties
Members Subjected to Uniaxial Stress
Thermal stresses, Bars subjected to tension and Compression
Members Subjected to Axisymmetric Loads
Members Subjected to Torsional Loads
Members Subjected to Flexural Loads
Procedure for drawing shear force and bending moment diagram
Simple Bending Theory OR Theory of Flexure for Initially Straight Beams
Use of Flexure Formula
Shearing stress distribution in typical cross-sections
Deflection of Beams
The Ares-Moment / Moment-Area Methods
Macaulay's Methods
Members Subjected to Combined Loads
Theories of Elastic Failure
Elastic Stability Of Columns
Comparison of Euler Theory with Experiment results
Energy Methods
Complementary Strain Energy
Under development

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