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Introduction to Numerical Control - Computer Aided Manufacturing – Components of CNC system – Types of CNC systems – Open loop and closed loop control systems, Drives and Controls – Interpolators; CNC machine tools - Constructional features – Design considerations – Tooling for CNC.

CNC part programming – Manual and computer assisted part programming; CAD/CAM systems.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) – Hardware, Ladder logic programming of PLCs using basic functions – Timers and counters – Advanced programming with control and arithmetic instructions.


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Introduction to Automation – Goals of Automation, levels of automation, Hard Vs Soft Automation, Computer Aided manufacturing (CAM).



Numerical Control - Introduction, Role of NC / CNC in CAM, Applications of NC / CNC, Benefits of NC / CNC, Limitations of CNC.



Basic Components of CNC system - Part programming, Machine control unit, Machine tool - Historical developments and their role in control of machine tools, Classification of NC / CNC systems - Based on type of Control (PTP\C\L), method of programming, type of architecture - Hardwired / Softwired / Open.



Machine Control Unit - Data processing Unit - elements and their functions - Interpolators and Sequential Controllers.



Interpolators - Types and Stages of Interpolation, Principles of interpolation - Techniques employed for Interpolation Scheme, Requirements of Interpolation algorithms, Interpolation schemes - Stairs approximation, Digital Differential Analyser, Direct function calculation; DDA - Hardware and Software; Software Interpolators.



Sequential controllers - Concepts, Relay ladder diagrams and their development.



Programmable Logic Controllers - Elements of Hardware and Software, Methods of programming - Ladder Logic Programmes (LAD), Function Chart (FC), Statement List (STL) - Program scanning and its execution.



Programming with Basic functions - Internal Relays, Timers, and Counters - different types and programming examples - Advanced functions and their applications.



Part programming - Introduction; Part Program and its elements, Methods of Programming - Manual and Computer Assited Part programming - Custom Macro (Parametric Programming), APT and its variations, Concepts of CAM - Tool path generation and control methods.



Machine Tool - Componets of CNC machine tool, Drives and controls, Automatic Tool Changers, Automatic Pallet Changers, tool offsets and work offsets, high speed and precision machining concepts.


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