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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Prof. Gautam Biswas
IIT Kanpur

Prof. S.K. Som
IIT Kharagpur


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Engineering Physics I (Theory) - Web Course


Lecture 1

  • Definition of Stress   
  • Definition of Fluid
  • Concept of Continum  
  • Fluid Properties

Lecture 2

  • Distinction between Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid
  • Compressibility
  • Surface Tension of Liquids

Lecture 3

  • Forces on Fluid Elements
  • Normal Stresses in a Stationary Fluid
  • Fundamental Equation of Fluid Statics

Lecture 4

  • Units and Scales of Pressure Measurement

Lecture 5

  • Hydrostatic Thrusts on Submerged Surfaces
  • Stability of Unconstrained Bodies in Fluid
  • Period of Oscillation

lecture 6

  • Kinematics
  • Scalar and Vector Fields
  • Flow Field and Description of Fluid Motion

Lecture 7

  • Variation of Flow Parameter in Time and Space
  • Material Derivation and Acceleration
  • Streamlines, Path Lines and Streak Lines

Lecture 8

  • One, Two and Three Dimensional Flows  
  • Translation, Rate of Deformation and Rotation
  •  Vorticity
  •  Existence of Flows

Lecture 9

  • System
  • Conservation of Mass

Lecture 10

  • Stream Function
  • Conservation of Momentum

Lecture 11

  • Analysis of Finite Control Volumes

Lecture 12

  • Application of Moment or Momentum Theorem
  •  Euler's Equation

Lecture 13

  • Conservation of Energy

Lecture 14

  • Bernoulli's Equation In Irrotational Flow
  • Plane Circular Vortex Flows
  • Free Vortex Flows
  • Forced Vortex Flows
  • Losses Due to Geometric Changes

Lecture 15

  • Measurement Of Flow Rate Through Pipe

Lecture 16

  • Concept of Static Pressure
  • Concept of Stagnation Pressure
  • Flow through Orifices and Mouthpieces

Lecture 17

  • Principles of Physical Similarity

Lecture 18

  • Magnitude of Different Forces acting on a Fluid Element
  • Dynamic Similarity of Flows with

Lecture 19

  • The Application of Dynamic Similarity - Dimension of Physical Quantity
  • Buckingham's Pi-Theorem
  • Rayleigh's Indical Method

Lecture 20

  • Analysis of Incompressible Flow
  • Elementary Flows in aTwo-Dimensional Plane

Lecture 21

  • Vortex Flow
  • Combination of Fundamental Flows

Lecture 22

  • Flow About a Cylinder without Circulation

Lecture 23

  • Flow Past a Source
  • Flow About a Rotating Cylinder
  • Aerofoil Theory
  • Generation of Vortices Around a Wing

Lecture 24

  • General Viscosity Law
  • Navier-Stokes Equations

Lecture 25

  • A general way of deriving the Navier-Stokes equations from the basic laws of physics
  • Exact Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations

Lecture 26

  • Couette Flow
  • Hagen Poiseuille Flow
  • Flow between Two Concentric Rotating Cylinders

Lecture 27

  • Low Reynolds Number Flow Around a Sphere
  • Theory of Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Lecture 28

  • Introduction to Boundary Layer Equations
  • Blasius Flow over a flat plate

Lecture 29

  • Wall shear and boundary layer thickness
  • Momentum-Integral equations for the boundary layer

Lecture 30

  • Karman-Pohlhausen approximate method for solution of momentum integral equation over a flat plate
  •  Integral method for non-zero pressure gradient flows

Lecture 31

  • Entry flow in a duct  
  • Control of boundary layer separation
  • Mechanics of boundary layer transition

Lecture 32

  • Introduction to Turbulence
  • Characteristics Of Turbulent Flow
  • Laminar-Turbulent Transition
  • Correlation Functions
  • The Mean Motion And Fluctuations

Lecture 33

  • Derivation of Governing Equations for Turbulent Flow
  • Turbulent Boundary Layer Equations
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Shear Stress Models

Lecture 34

  • Universal Velocity Distribution Law And Friction Factor In Duct Flows For Very Large Reynolds Numbers
  • Fully Developed Turbulent Flow In A Pipe For Moderate Reynolds Numbers
  • Skin Friction Coefficient For Boundary Layers On A Flat Plate

Lecture 35

  •  Introduction to Pipe Flows
  • Concept of Friction Factor in a Pipe Flow
  • Concept of Flow Potential and Flow Resistance

Lecture 36

  • Flow Through Branched Pipes

Lecture 37

  • Flow Through Pipes With Side Tappings
  • Losses In Pipe Bends
  • Losses In Pipe Fittings
  • Power Transmission By A Pipeline

Lecture 38

  • Introduction to Compressible Flows
  • Thermodynamic Relations of Perfect Gases
  • Internal Energy and Enthalpy

Lecture 39

  • Speed of Sound
  • Pressure Field Due to a Moving Source
  • Basic Equations for One-Dimensional Flow

Lecture 40

  • Stagnation and Sonic Properties
  • Effect of Area Variation on Flow Properties in Isentropic Flow

Lecture 41

  • Normal Shocks
  • The Physical Picture of the Flow through a Normal Shock
  • Calculation of Flow Properties Across a Normal Shock
  • Oblique Shock
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