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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Dr. Kusum Deep
IIT Roorkee

Dr. Madhu Jain
IIT Roorkee


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  1. Linear Programming

  2. Duality and Sensitivity Analysis

  3. Transportation and Assignment

  4. Game Theory and Sequencing

  5. Inventory and Queuing Models



Linear Programming: OR Models, Convex Sets, Graphical Method, Simplex Method, Big M Method, Two Phase Method.


Duality and Sensitivity Analysis : Primal – Dual construction, Symmetric and Asymmetric Dual, Weak Duality Theorem, Complimentary Slackness Theorem, Main Duality Theorem, Dual Simplex Method, Sensitivity Analysis.


Transportation and Assignment Formulation of Transportation Problem, Initial Feasible Solution Methods, Optimality Test, Degeneracy in TP; Assignment Problem, Hungerian Method, Traveling Salesman Problem.


Game Theory and Sequencing : Two Person Zero Sum Game, Pure and Mixed Strategies, Algebraic Solution Procedure, Graphical Solution, Solving by Linear Programming; Sequencing  Problem, Processing of n Jobs Through Two Machines and m Machines, Graphical Method of Two Jobs m Machines Problem.


Inventory and Queuing Models: Classical EOQ Models, EOQ Model with Price Breaks, EOQ with Shortage, Probabilistic EOQ Model, Newsboy Problem. Elements of Queuing Model, Pure Birth Death Model, Single Server and Multi-server Markovian Models with Infinite and Finite Capacity, Machine Repair Model, Networks of Queues.


Basic Matrix Theory

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