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Service is the key economic engine for most developed countries and also for emerging economies like India.  This course focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of Service Management seamlessly spanning Marketing, Operations, Technology and People Management. New Service Business Models will be explored that seek to balance People, Planet concerns with Profit objectives.




Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

  Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Week 1

What is Service?

Evolving Service Markets

The Service Customers

Product Service Systems

The Service Act

Seamless Service

Week 2

Service Management Elements

Core Vs. Supplementary Services

Intangibility of Services

Variable Demand

Promotion & Customer Education

People Issues in Service

Week 3

Servicescape & Service Theatre

Servuction System

Managing Pre-purchase Expectations

Managing Post-purchase Perceptions

Customer Satisfaction Models

Customer Delight Models

Week 4

Positioning the Service Offering

Important Vs. Determinant  attributes

Positioning & Brand Creation

Positioning Maps

Designing & Managing Service as a Process

Balancing Demand & Capacity

Week 5

Service Logistics & Service Channels


Service Failure

Service & the New Media

Service Recovery

Integrating People & Process for Service Leadership

Week 6

Pricing Fundamentals

Pricing Fundamentals

Service Pricing

Service Pricing

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Week 7

Managing Service Productivity

Managing Service Productivity

Developing the Relation Focused Service Excellence

Developing the Relation Focused Service Excellence

Customer as Co-creator

Customer as Co-creator

Week 8

Service Entrepreneurs

Service Professionals

Service Business Models

Service Business Models

Service Globalization

Creating Customer focused Service Leadership

Under development

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