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This course intended for use of application of soil mechanics to different practical problems in graduate level course. The first three modules are on application of the principles of soil mechanics to problems of slopes and embankments and earth dams. The remaining three modules, dealing with flexible retaining structures and buried structures and excavations are presented in such a manner that readers who are unfamiliar with the subject will not face any serious problems in understanding. The basic concepts are presented in the earlier sections of each chapter and are then followed by more advanced topics. A number of example problem are given in each chapter as well as a fairly large number of representative problem at the end of each module.

Contents:  Applications of the principles of soil mechanics to problems of earth dam, slopes, embankments, flexible retaining structures, excavations and buried structures


Sl. No


No. of Hours


Earth Dams, slopes and embankments



Retaining structures
Rigid and flexible retaining structures




Braced cut
Excavations in clay and sand




Buried structures





Soil Mechanics (Geotechnical Engineering I)

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