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The course deals with four aspects of Electrochemical systems viz.

  1. ionics describing ion-ion interactions in solvents and conductance of electrolytes;

  2. electrode potentials describing Nernst equations and their applications;

  3. kinetics of electrochemical reactions describing Butler-Volmer equations and Marcus theory of electrode processes and

  4. theories of electrode/electrolyte interfaces from Helmholtz models to recent improvements.

The emphasis will be on a clear exposition of the concepts with a variety of numerical examples of diverse nature, bringing out the interdisciplinary nature of electrochemistry.

Module No.




Equilibrium properties of electrolytes

  1. Ion – ion interactions and Stokes – Einstein Equations
  2. Poisson – Boltzmann equation and Debye – Hückel theory
  3. Ion pair formation and Bjerrum theory
  4. Activity coefficients and their significance
  5. Modern theories  of electrolyte solutions
  6. Debye -  Hückel – Onsagar theory for strong and weak electrolytes
  7. Applications of conductance measurements



Electrode potentials and applications

  1. Electrode potential Nernst equation
  2.  Electrochemical series – Latimer and Frost diagrams
  3. Applications of Nernst equation in estimating Thermodynamic properties and pH measurements



Electrode Kinetics

  1. Significance of Overpotentials – Activation, Ohmic and diffusion overpotentials
  2. Kinetics of electrode reactions – Butler – Volmer equation and its limiting cases
  3. Methods of estimating rate constants
  4. Hydrogen evolution reaction



Electrochemical and Electroanalytical techniques

  1. Polarography – Dropping mercury electrode, Ilkovic equation – derivation and limitations
  2. Chronoamprometry, Cottrell equation  and Cyclic voltammetry
  3. Basics of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy



Bio electrochemistry

  1. Ion transport across membranes – Nernst – Planck equation
  2. Liquid Junction Potentials and concentration cells
  3. Donnan Membrane equilibrium



Electrochemical energy systems

  1. Energy storage devices – batteries and fuel cells
  2. Electrochemical Supercapacitors



Electrochemical interfaces

  1. Electrochemical interfaces – electrical double layer – Lippmann equation
  2. Helmholtz and Gouy – Chapman – Stern models of the double layer
  3. Modern theories of electrical double layer
  4. Adsorption of ions and dipoles


Undergraduate level course in physical chemistry

  1. P.H.Rieger Electrochemistry

  2. C.H.Hamann and W.Vielstich Electrochemistry

  3. S.Glasstone Electrochemistry

  4. Mortimer Physical Chemistry

  5. Berry, Rice and Ross Physical Chemistry

  6. Robbins Ions in solution

  • J.O.M.Bockris,A.K.N.Reddy and Modern Electrochemistry Volume 1 and 2A Plenum Press

  • W.Schmickler Interfacial Electrochemistry Oxford University Press

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