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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Guwahati

Prof. T. Pal
IIT Kharagpur


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Environmental Chemistry: Atmosphere; Pollution (air, water and soil), Fertilizers & Pesticide (classification) and health effect; Photochemistry; Analytical instruments

Module No.




Atmospheric composition and principles of contaminant behavior

  1. The atmosphere of Earth;

  2. Contaminant behavior in the environment;

  3. Green house effect - Global temperature-Acid rain and - Ozone layer depletion



Contaminants and their natural pathways of degradation and their abatement

  1. Major pollutants of the environment and their stability in air, water body and soil;

  2. Sources sulfur dioxide & sulfur cycle, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen oxides;

  3. Halocarbons;

  4. Refrigerants



Photochemical Reactions in the Environment

  1. Photochemical reactions and smog forming reactions in the atmosphere;

  2. Mechanisms of smog formation;

  3. Volatile organic compounds.



Water Pollution

  1. Possible reasons of ground and subsurface water contamination;

  2. Biochemical and Chemical oxygen demand;

  3. Water (surface and ground) quality;

  4. Domestic and industrial wastes



Fertilizers and Pesticides

  1. Classification of pesticides and their stability;

  2. Pesticides and their usage for green revolution, their consequence and health effects



Soil Pollution

  1. Soil profiles (including flora & fauna);

  2. Acid-base and ion exchange reactions in soils;

  3. Anti-knock compounds in the atmosphere;

  4. Heavy metal pollution;

  5. Radio active wastes;

  6. Sound pollution;

  7. Ethics and law



Chemical Analysis

  1. Nature and importance of chemical analysis;

  2. Instrumental methods of chemical analysis relating to the environmental samples


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