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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Prof. P. Mondal
IIT Roorkee

Prof. P. Mondal
IIT Roorkee

Prof. P. Mondal
IIT Roorkee

Prof. P. Mondal
IIT Roorkee

Prof. P. Mondal
IIT Roorkee


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The course deals with the production of energy from different types of wastes through thermal, biological and chemical routes. It is intended to help the young scientific professionals to keep their knowledge upgraded with the current thoughts and newer technology options along with their advances in the field of the utilization of different types of wastes for energy production.




Introduction, characterization of wastes.


Energy production form wastes through incineration,energy production through gasification of wastes.


Energy production through pyrolysis and gasification of wastes, syngas utilization.


Densification of solids, efficiency improvement of power plant and energy production from waste plastics.


Energy production form wastes Plastic,gas cleanup.


Energy production from organic wastes through anaerobic digestion and fermentation, introducation to introducation to microbial fuel cells


Energy production from wastes through fermentation and transesterification


Cultivation of algal biomass from wastewater and energy production from algae
BE in Chemical, Mechanical, Environmental Eng., Biotech
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