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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Guwahati
Prof. Biplab Bose
IIT Guwahati


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Mathematical modeling has become integral part of different fields of biology, from ecology to cell biology. This course is intended to introduce students of biology to elementary mathematical concepts and tools for dynamical models. The course will focus on modeling using ordinary differential equations (ODEs). We will start with basic mathematical concepts of ODE-based models and then connect those with experimental biology. Mathematical models will be on cellular and molecular processes in biology, like cell signaling, and transcriptional networks. Students will learn basics of analytical techniques, graphical techniques, and numerical simulation.




L1: Introduction to mathematical modeling in biology L2: How to start modeling? L3 & L4: Basic concepts of modeling using ordinary differential equations L5 & L6: Numerical solution of ODE-based models


L1 & L2: Simulating ODE-based models L3 & L4: Steady state and stability analysis L5 & L6: Phase plane analysis


L1 & L2: Concepts of bifurcation L3-L6: Mathematical formulations for elementary molecular processes


L1 & L2: Modeling cell signaling L3: Properties of feedback and feed-forward network motifs L4 & L5: Modeling transcriptional circuits L6: Online resources for mathematical modeling in biology
Have studied mathematics at 10+2 level. Have studied graduate level Biochemistry and molecular biology.
1. Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology: An Introduction, Brian P. Ingalls, MIT Press, 2013
2. Modeling the Dynamics of Life: Calculus and Probability for Life Scientists, Frederick R. Adler, Brooks/Cole, 2012
3. Biocalculus: Calculus for Life Sciences, James Stewart, Troy Day, Cengage Learning, 2015

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