Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Basics of Heat TransferStudent Slides-Basics of Heat TransferPDF0.282 kb
One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionStudent Slides-One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.311 kb
Extended Surface Heat TransferStudent Slides-Extended Surface Heat TransferPDF0.18 kb
Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionStudent Slides-Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.161 kb
Insteady State Heat ConductionStudent Slides-Insteady State Heat ConductionPDF0.155 kb
ConvectionStudent Slides-ConvectionPDF0.076 kb
Heat ExchangersStudent Slides-Heat ExchangersPDF0.187 kb
Boiling and CondensationStudent Slides-Boiling and CondensationPDF0.145 kb
Radiation Heat TransferStudent Slides-Radiation Heat TransferPDF0.25 kb
Mass TransferStudent Slides-Mass TransferPDF0.115 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Basics of Heat TransferTeacher Slides- Basics of Heat TransferPPT Slides0.296 kb
Basics of Heat TransferWorked Examples-Basics of Heat TransferPDF0.399 kb
Basics of Heat TransferQuestion Bank-Basics of Heat TransferPDF0.054 kb
One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionTeacher Slides- One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPPT Slides0.764 kb
One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionWorked Examples-One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.152 kb
One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionQuestion Bank-One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.018 kb
Extended Surface Heat TransferTeacher Slides- Extended Surface Heat TransferPPT Slides0.135 kb
Extended Surface Heat TransferWorked Examples-Extended Surface Heat TransferPDF0.081 kb
Extended Surface Heat TransferQuestion Bank-Extended Surface Heat TransferPDF0.011 kb
Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionTeacher Slides- Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPPT Slides0.309 kb
Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionWorked Examples-Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.128 kb
Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionQuestion Bank-Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.02 kb
Insteady State Heat ConductionTeacher Slides- Insteady State Heat ConductionPPT Slides0.283 kb
Insteady State Heat ConductionWorked Examples-Insteady State Heat ConductionPDF0.136 kb
Insteady State Heat ConductionQuestion Bank-Insteady State Heat ConductionPDF0.02 kb
ConvectionTeacher Slides- ConvectionPPT Slides0.218 kb
ConvectionWorked Examples-ConvectionPDF0.061 kb
ConvectionQuestion Bank-ConvectionPDF0.326 kb
Heat ExchangersTeacher Slides- Heat ExchangersPPT Slides0.403 kb
Heat ExchangersWorked Examples-Heat ExchangersPDF0.123 kb
Heat ExchangersQuestion Bank-Heat ExchangersPDF0.021 kb
Boiling and CondensationTeacher Slides- Boiling and CondensationPPT Slides0.153 kb
Boiling and CondensationWorked Examples-Boiling and CondensationPDF0.109 kb
Boiling and CondensationQuestion Bank-Boiling and CondensationPDF0.009 kb
Radiation Heat TransferTeacher Slides- Radiation Heat TransferPPT Slides0.294 kb
Radiation Heat TransferWorked Examples-Radiation Heat TransferPDF0.085 kb
Radiation Heat TransferQuestion Bank-Radiation Heat TransferPDF0.018 kb
Mass TransferTeacher Slides- Mass TransferPPT Slides0.156 kb
Mass TransferWorked Examples-Mass TransferPDF0.058 kb
Mass TransferQuestion Bank-Mass TransferPPT Slides0.009 kb
Module NameDownloadDescriptionDownload Size
Basics of Heat TransferHighlights and MotivationPDF0.079 kb
Basics of Heat TransferProblem Solving TechniquesPDF0.011 kb
Basics of Heat TransferLearning Objectives-Basics of Heat TransferPDF0.1 kb
One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionLearning Objectives-One Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.014 kb
Extended Surface Heat TransferLearning Objectives-Extended Surface Heat TransferPDF0.013 kb
Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionLearning Objectives-Multi-Dimensional Steady State Heat ConductionPDF0.016 kb
Insteady State Heat ConductionLearning Objectives-Insteady State Heat ConductionPDF0.014 kb
ConvectionLearning Objectives-ConvectionPDF0.016 kb
Heat ExchangersLearning Objectives-Heat ExchangersPDF0.014 kb
Boiling and CondensationLearning Objectives-Boiling and CondensationPDF0.013 kb
Radiation Heat TransferLearning Objectives-Radiation Heat TransferPDF0.015 kb
Mass TransferLearning Objectives-Mass TransferPDF0.013 kb

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