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    course  image
    Electrical Engineering ,IIT Bombay
    Prof. V.M. Gadre ,IIT Bombay
    course  image
    Humanities and Social Sciences ,IIT Kharagpur
    Prof. Rabindra Kumar Pradhan ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Mechanical Engineering ,IISc Bangalore
    Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh ,IISc Bangalore
    course  image
    Mechanical Engineering ,IIT Kharagpur
    Prof. Asimava Roy Choudhury ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Metallurgy and Material Science ,IIT Madras
    Prof. Sundararaman M ,IIT Madras
    course  image
    Computer Science and Engineering ,IIT Kharagpur
    Prof. Sourav Mukhopadhyay ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Management ,IIT Kharagpur
    Dr. Susmita Mukhopadhyay ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Mathematics ,IIT Kharagpur
    Dr. G.P. Raja Sekhar
    Prof. Somnath Bhattacharyya ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Aerospace Engineering ,IIT Kanpur
    Prof. Mahendra Verma
    Dr. A.K. Ghosh ,IIT Kanpur
    course  image
    Aerospace Engineering ,IIT Kanpur
    Dr. Jayant K. Singh ,IIT Kanpur
    course  image
    Civil Engineering ,IIT Kharagpur
    Prof. Mainak Ghosh ,IIT Kharagpur
    course  image
    Civil Engineering ,IIT Kharagpur
    Prof. Brajesh Kumar Dubey ,IIT Kharagpur