NPTEL Local Chapter - Frequently Asked Questions - for Mentor

1. Who can be mentors?
    Faculty of your college teaching the various subjects / HODs
2. What are the suggested mentors: student ratio?
    1 : 50
3. I have 70 students in a course, how many mentors can we have?
    It’s suggested to have 2 mentors.
4. Can I be the mentor for more than 1 course?
    Yes, you can be the mentors for more than 1 course
5. Are there a maximum number of courses, for which I can be mentor?
    There is really no maximum number of courses for which you can be mentor. But we think it would be difficult to follow more than 4 courses of NPTEL at the same time.
6. As a mentor, when I enroll in, I get the same as my students get? Is that correct?
    The portal is common for students / mentors/ general public. You can provide some fundamental details like your email id (same email id as given to the SPOC), name, yr of graduation etc. and you can enroll in the course.
7. The email id with which I enrolled in is different from what I gave to my SPOC and registered in course – what should I do now?
    You can either enroll in in the email id you have given to SPOC ( If it’s before enrollment close date) or you can change the registered mentor email id in the course (Your SPOC on login will be able to do this)
8. Is enrollment in the course for mentors free?
    Yes, the course enrollment for everyone is free.
9. If I am the mentor of a course, should I take the certification exam compulsorily?
    No, it is not mandatory that mentors should take certification exam.
10. Do I get any financial compensation as a mentor of a course?
    No, at the moment as per MHRD guidelines, we do not have any means to compensate mentors.
11.I am the mentor of a course but I forgot to enroll in the course and the enrollment last date has passed, what can I do now?
    Sorry, you will not be able to enroll in the course beyond the last date. As we have exam registration processes to handle we try to adhere to closing dates. You will not be considered as mentor for the course any longer.
12. Can I mentor students who are not in my department?
    Yes. Students who are not in your department can also be mentored by you.
13. I have registered as a mentor in the “Local Chapter” via the SPOC of my college, I am also enrolled in that course, but my students say they are unable to view my name in the mentor list?
    Usually within 2 days of adding mentors in the backend, we add mentors in the respective courses. Please try after 2 days. If not done, please call our office and let us know your college name and course name in which you have not been added as mentor.
14. As a mentor, can I identify my students in and ensure that they take me as a mentor?
    No. The workflow of the portal, is such that only student can choose their mentors. We cannot do a bulk student mentor allocation/ mapping.
15. When will I get my mentor certificate from NPTEL?
    You will get it after the certification exam is over, after the results are announced and when certificates are dispatched to the students, mentors will also get certificates.