NPTEL Local Chapter News
686 colleges have NPTEL Local Chapters
686 colleges have NPTEL Local Chapters. Does your college have one?
Requirements to establish a Local Chapter
  •  There should be a single point of contact (SPOC) in your college, who could be a faculty member, librarian or any other staff member interested / nominated to interface between NPTEL and the college.

  •  The college should obtain the contents created under NPTEL by sending 9 TB (4 TB + 4 TB + 1 TB) of external hard disk, if the college does not have it already.
    NPTEL, IIT Madras will copy the contents, free of cost , which can be made available on the college’s LAN for the benefit and easy access of the faculty and students there.

Click here to download sample Request letter. Send this Request Letter in your college letter head to NPTEL office for establishing NPTEL Local Chapter in your college & appointing Single Point of Contact (SPOC).

Sample Request Letter for Local Chapter.docx

Please Send :

1)  Hard copy of the Request Letter to :
NPTEL, Web Studio
ICSR building, 3rd floor
IIT Madras
Chennai – 600036
2)  Soft copy of the Request Letter can be emailed to :

  After receiving letter from your Principal nominating SPOC, we will update your college details in the Local Chapter web page.
  Next, we will give access to the e-mail id of SPOC that was provided by your college. This will help you to log in to SPOC page.
  We will be adding your e-mail id to an existing Google group (discussion forum). All news & updates with respect to online courses will be shared here. You may also raise any queries/issues in this forum.
  After logging in, you may upload college logo & your photo.
  Using this access, during online exam registration time, you may upload details of students who wish to write the online exam.
  This access will also guide you in obtaining scholarship for select students at your college & make bulk fee payment on behalf of your college students.

Responsibilities of the SPOC
  •  He/She will be the brand ambassador of NPTEL in the college.
  •  He/She will be kept informed of all the initiatives of NPTEL which he/she should publicise amongst the students and faculty of the college.
  •  Brochures/posters of NPTEL content will be sent to him/her, who should ensure that they are displayed at the places frequented by faculty/students of the college to get maximum visibility.
  •  If emails about the activities/updates are sent to the SPOC, he/should forward them to the concerned persons.
  •  Ensure that content in the college is up to date by sending hard disks to NPTEL on a regular basis for updation.
  •  Ensure that content in the college is up to date by sending hard disks to NPTEL on a regular basis for updation.
Role of the SPOC in online certification courses offered by NPTEL
  •  The SPOC should publicize the online certification courses amongst the students and inform them about the courses being offered currently.
  •  He/She should encourage students to enroll in these courses.
  •  He/She should identify faculty members who can act as mentors for the enrolled students who can encourage them to be active in the course, submit the assignments on time and register for the exam.
  •  He/She should talk to faculty members and students across departments and give suggestions to NPTEL regarding the courses they wish to see offered and in which time frame (Jan-Mar or July-Sep).
  •  He/She should aid the students in registering for the certification exam by assisting with the online exam registration process, if necessary.
  •  Ensure that students enrolled in online certification courses have access to the content for studying and to computer systems so that can complete their assignments.
    Kindly Note: Being an SPOC for the NPTEL Local Chapter in your college is voluntary and optional.

  • For being an SPOC you get visibility on the portal, certificate (if the NPTEL Local Chapter is active) and invitation to felicitation (as permissible).
  • Currently, we do not have a provision under the MHRD for any financial compensation.
  • As the SPOC of your college, please do the following:
  •  Kindly go to and login using the SPOC id mentioned by your institute (which should be a google account).
  •  Please update the college details, your profile details.
    Next steps for the SPOC:
  1. Kindly publicise these courses among the students and the faculty members of the respective departments.
  2. Ask the students to go to and enroll in the courses they wish to join.
Steps for SPOC of colleges with NPTEL Local Chapter  If you have any questions, kindly write to so that others can also get answers to similar questions or write to us at or call us at 91-44-22575905/5908.  FAQs for SPOC
    Kindly Note: Being an Mentor for any course the NPTEL Local Chapter in your college is voluntary and optional. Students can do a course without any mentor also.

  1. As a Mentor you get visibility on the portal, certificate (if NPTEL Local Chapter is active and students from your college / course take up the certification exam) and invitation to felicitation (as permissible).
  2. Currently, we do not have a provision under the MHRD for any financial compensation.
    • Steps for Mentors – NPTEL Local Chapters
    •  The SPOC of your college to identify mentors from the college for every course. The details of the mentor name and the email id of the mentors are to be added in “Manage courses and Mentors” of the “SPOC Login”.
    •  The mentors should enroll themselves in the course they are mentoring by click on the “Join” button of that course at Please provide your details like email id, name, yr. of graduation etc. and enroll. Enrollments close on Jan 25th 2016, so please enroll before that.
    •  NPTEL Office, will load the mentor email ids, in the backend of the respective courses
    •  The SPOC to inform students of your college enrolled in the course(s) to choose the college mentor(s) in the portal -
    •  Students will choose the “Mentor” added in the backend.
    •  Mentors to follow the course week wise and motivate students to submit assignments, to register for the exam.
    •  Mentors to view progress of students, who have associated themselves with him/her and motivate students.
    •  In using Mentor login, the mentor of the course to put week wise feedback for the course.
    •  NPTEL Office will issue certificate to the active mentors of the course. This will be sent to the SPOC of the colleges.
     View Mentor Flow in NPTEL Local Chapter flowchart  FAQs for Mentors


Fee should be paid by student based on the category he/she falls under

Courses Scholarship approved? SC/ST? Amount
Intro to C++NoNoRs 1250
Intro to C++YesNoRs 625
Intro to C++NoYesRs 625
Intro to C++YesYesRs 313
Other coursesNoNoRs 1000
Other coursesYesNoRs 500
Other coursesNoYesRs 500
Other coursesYesYesRs 250
  1. The amount in the exam form is already changed to reflect the scholarship fee waiver. If any student belongs to SC/ST category and says yes in the form and uploads the certificate, the fee will further reduce as given above
  2. If SPOC is doing bulk upload, once you enter the details, the system will calculate the amount and give it to you. Please verify if it is correct and pay that amount.
  1. Name of the beneficiary bank – STATE BANK OF INDIA, IIT MADRAS BRANCH, CHENNAI - 600036
  2. Name of the beneficiary - NPTEL
  3. Account number of the beneficiary - 0035861183063
  4. Sender to receiver information, if any – Your Institute Name, SPOC Name, etc.
  5. IFSC code of the destination bank branch: SBIN0001055
  1. Favouring should be: NPTEL, payable at Chennai. The DD should be sent to NPTEL WEB STUDIO, 3rd Floor, IC & SR Building, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036
  1. Please write an email to
  1. Please transfer the NPTEL PAYMENT GATEWAY

New Courses are starts Now !!!!
  1. There newly Technology Course are Computer and Chemical, Biotechnology, Aerospace are the new one course taking now in the nptel iit madras, bombay, delhi also world wide