1. Who is an Industry Associate?
    An Industry that partners with NPTEL is an Industry Associate.
2. Who can become an Industry Associate?
    Any Industry/Company who wants to partner with NPTEL can become an Industry Associate.
3. How can my company become an Industry Associate?
  • Sign an MoU.
  • Nominate an SPOC (Single Point Of Contact).
  • Become an Industry Associate.
4. Is there a fee attached in becoming an Industry Associate?
    No. There is no fee to become an Industry Associate.
5. What are the benefits of becoming an Industry Associate?
  • Get to know your potential fresh hires, even during their academics. You may also direct them to take up the relevant NPTEL courses.
  • Get access to the largest pool of technical talent from across the country in one place.
  • Cross-skill and up-skill the existing workforce.
  • Be updated about the performance of your employees in the NPTEL courses.
  • Please visit page for more details.
6. How could you help us?
  • Sponsor NPTEL's fee waiver through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Co-offer/Co-partner courses with NPTEL.