Dear user,

We are celebrating "Digital India Week" from 1-7 July 2015. In connection with this, we invite you to create videos expressing your views about your experience of having gone through

1. The NPTEL courses - whether the content was useful, you could understand it, what did you use it for - some exam preparation, knowledge enhancement, about the text transcripts, etc

2. Online certification courses - your motive behind registering for the course, how you came to know about it, where do you think you could use the certificate, etc

This video can be uploaded on youTube and the link can be shared with us in the url given here. We shall go through them and select the best videos for upload on our portal as testimonials and in other videos we create about NPTEL.


We request you to give your name, if you are a student or a working professional and other details (such as college name or work place, if you would want to), the course(s) you took and your feedback about the same.

The video recording can be done using your mobile phone or your laptop/desktop using a webcam or with the help of a friend. If a group of you had applied and given the exam, you could all make the video together too. WOuld be good if the video can be between 30sec - 2minutes maximum.

A sample video from one of NPTEL Online Certification course's topper :

Thank you for all the support extended to us over the years and being with us through this journey of NPTEL since 2003.

Warm regards,
NPTEL team, IIT Madras.