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Question: respected Sir, i have a doubt regarding design of Flanged pre-stressed beam. i wanted to know that whether the design will be same for unsymmetrical cross-sections? if yes, then during calculation which flange width we should take, the top flange or bottom flange width, and why?
By: Prashant Motwani     Date: 2014-04-09

Answer: For a section unsymmetrical about the horizontal axis, the flange under compression is considered.

By: Dr. Amlan Kumar Sengupta     Email: prashant.motwani@yahoo.com     Date: 2014-04-12

Question: In the Video Lecture I, it has been stated that pre-stressed member loses its strength with time due to creep in concrete as well as steel.Now, isnt the phenomenon of creep limited to concrete only?
By:     Date: 2015-03-21

Answer: Please identify the location of the statement, so that it can be edited. Yes, creep is limited to concrete. The steel strands undergo relaxation.

By: Dr. Amlan Kumar Sengupta     Email:     Date: 2015-03-28
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